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In Yoga, white represents purity. In various yogic currents, such as kundalini yoga for example, dressing entirely in white is strongly recommended. Why?
According to Yogi Bhajan, white, the color of purification, extends and strengthens the electromagnetic field of the aura. White is the addition of all colours and sends or reflects strong light vibrations. This colour also offers clarity, calm and neurality.


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The mole is a soft and delicate color, warm and calling for comfort. The mole is actually a shade of grey and light brown that refers to the coat of the small animal of the same name.
This colour, which has been very popular in recent years, owes its popularity to its ability to combine calm and elegance while recalling the natural.

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Deep Blue or Atlantic Blue is the color of the sky and oceans, seas and lakes and a color representative of wisdom, dream and serenity. In the past, deep blue was a colour reserved for royalty because blue pigments were very expensive, hence the famous “royal blue”. Today, blue is one of the colours most commonly advertised as “favourite”. This color brings calm and is associated with abundance. In Yoga, blue is the color of the chakras of the throat, the chakra of communication.

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This color “Atlantic Blue” has been inspired by the Gatka martial art and the beautiful outfit of the warriors. Bound with Sikhism, the practice of Gatka is also a spiritual art.


Purple represents sweetness and dream, soothing color it helps to calm strong emotions and leads to spirituality, to the desire to go beyond material concerns. The coronal chakra, sacred doorway between uniqueness and self, is very widely represented in dark purple.
Purple brings magic and supports the imagination. This color has high vibration, it is nevertheless not recommended for melancholic people with strong anchoring problems and will be beneficial to people seeking to belong to the whole, to those who have problems with authority or suffer from sleep disorders.


Green is the most common colour found in nature, trees, foliage, moss and other plants. Green represents the sap of life and as such, it is a dynamic colour. Green refers to detachment and neutrality of mind.
In Western culture, green is associated with luck and hope. Choosing green can present a need for space, balance or love. Green is the color of the heart chakra, universal love, renewal and harmony.

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Saffron is a highly spiritual color, worn by the swamis of India, saffron brings a lot of light, revitalizes and supports strong spirits.
Saffron is the color of the sacred chakra, named Svâdhistâna in Sanskrit. This chakra is the center of sexual health, emotions and appetite. Located under the navel, it is the connection center of all the nadis, it is important to cultivate a second strong chakra in order to fully radiate its light and to be able to face all adversities.


Symbol of fire, burgundy red is a dynamic colour that represents courage and strength. This color offers a warm feeling and automatically encourages activity.
The red color is used to symbolize the first chakra that refers to our roots and the need for anchoring in the ground.
Our red is directly inspired by the colour of the gowns of Tibetan Buddhist monks who see the duality of this colour that emanates warmth and well-being as strength and destruction. The balance between all duality being the spiritual path.

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Black is the color of dark. Used to represent nothingness, night, death, authority, austerity and rigour, black is a mysterious colour. It is interesting to know that black absorbs all wavelengths, which gives it an absence of apparent colour. Behind its worrying representation, black is also a vehicle of elegance and sobriety and encourages introspection. Black represents the original purity, the nothingness before creation and the creative potential contained in the nothingness.
Black is a serious, strong and prestigious colour that conveys humility and, depending on its use, austerity.


The aqua color comes from pure water, lagoons, mountain lakes and rivers. It reflects the purity and fluidity of the water. The aqua colour soothes and invigorates.

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